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Bands & Balls Therapy balls and bands come in variety of styles and are great tools for releasing muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia throughout the body. The balls can address opening connective tissue and releasing trigger points. While the bands can help safely open the joints, enhance fluidity in the connective tissue and build strength. This class will help you discover where your body is restricted, open it up and improve your strength and ability to move freely. Teacher: Claire

Beginners & Alignment We will be practicing yoga being aware of our postures and alignment, doing posture breakdowns and talking about the benefits of each posture. This is a great class for beginners to learn the asanas, as well as for practiced Yogis to refine their postures. We will incorporate a short flow in each class for the sake of our heart rate, flexibility and strength. Teacher: Dianne

Easy Peasy This class is all about the STRETCH!!!! We will take our time with warm ups and getting into postures ... moving from the floor, to seated postures to standing postures, returning to lots of work on the floor. We want to feel every feeling, and every movement. There will be no rushing through to get to the next posture. Slow, steady, deliberate. We will cherish our bodies and appreciate the smallest effort we make, for all movement is good. We are about building confidence and esteem, and letting go of all previous ideas of what yoga is. We will show up and do it for ourselves and no one else ... perfect for those who are tight, tired or timid, also for woman age 40 and wiser. Teacher: Kathleen Reilly

Gentle/Beginner Class
If you have not taken a yoga class, have little experience with yoga or simply want to enjoy a gentle practice, this class is perfect for you. One hour class includes yogic breathing, meditation, asanas (yoga postures) and relaxation. Teacher: Dee

Hips-Thighs & Stretching - Oh My With an emphasis on warming up, through stretching and a great deal of attention being focused on healthy joints, this class is intended to nurture your soul, focusing on self acceptance, through modifications and opening our hearts to ourselves and others. Appropriate for young adults to baby boomers, beginners or anyone looking to slow down, this class is designed with asana, breath-work, relaxation and fun. Teacher: Kathleen Reilly

Holy Yoga
This class is suitable for all levels and embraces a spirit of quiet mediation and praise. While focusing on good alignment, we will use various yogic postures as we mediate on Scripture. Our goal will be to enter into the presence of God, as we learn to quiet our hearts and minds and worship Jesus in Spirit and truth. Intermediate Class Teacher: Dianne

Mixed Level
This class connects your breath to your movement, opening your mind, body and spirit to the flow of grace. You can expect sun salutations to warm up the large muscle groups to increase strength and flexibility. Expect to be challenged yet nurtured while discovering your unique edge. This class will teach proper alignment to keep you safe in your body while working the areas each pose is intended to work. Seeking perfection leads to suffering and disappointment, embrace your imperfections as you flow with your unique breath to express your true self. Open to all levels, modifications will be offered. Teacher: Joan

Slow Flow
By moving in a very slow continuous movement you build strength, metabolism and flexibility. The emphasis on slowly transitioning between poses, linked with the breathe trains the mind to be present, taking your awareness deeper. A familiarity with yoga poses will make the class more beneficial to you. Teacher: Kathleen Roskos

Restorative i
s derived from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar. In this class we use props in reclined and seated poses to help with physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Through props the body is supported and encourages relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Simply put, it reduces tension at every level helping with pain, fatigue, stress, mental fog, to name a few. So whether you're dealing with life in general, illness or need to reenergize you will benefit from this class. Continuous practice can make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses, aid in your optimal health and remind your whole being "oh yeah, this is why I need to do this!" Teacher: Claire

Shape Up & Chill Out Gain confidence, core strength and flexibility in a yoga class for every BODY, whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class helps you shape up and chill out in a mindful moving meditation that links postures with breath. Modifications are offered that help you customize the practice for your safety and comfort. Teacher: Katie Grace

Vinyasa Flow A peaceful, yet vigorous, vinyasa yoga practice that focuses on flowing through basic poses, maintaining them with proper alignment, moving with the breath and finding stillness int he postures. A traditional Hatha yoga class combined with elements of Zen Buddhism. All levels welcome. Teacher: Tony

Yin Yoga The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender. Yin Yoga is a practice of long-held floor poses that gently stretches the deep connective tissues of the body and also restores energy and calms the nervous system. These tissues house the meridians, or energy pathways in the subtle body and stretching these tissues not only restores joint mobility but accesses and encourages the "chi" or life force to flow freely. Pure Bliss- Teacher: Joan

Yoga for Veterans
This class is for Veterans only. There is no experience or flexibility required. ALL body types and ages are whole-heartedly welcomed. Laughter, light-heartedness and a sense of camaraderie are strongly encouraged. Class begins with simple standing poses (that are rooted in ancient yoga practices) and with guided breath meditations that help the mind become quieter and facilitate a sense of peace and calm to the nervous system. Simple movements are done on the ground, seated and/or lying down, to help open the main gateways to the body's energy systems and help facilitate a more easeful and enjoyable daily lifestyle. While using pillows, bolsters and blankets, the students are invited to rest while being guided through a relaxing meditation. Teacher: Joan

Yoga Basics An hour-long class structured to help you learn basic yoga poses and sequences, to understand yoga traditions and philosophy and help develop a foundation for you to build your practice upon. Open to those just starting in the practice, to experienced practitioners who wanted to deepen their mastery of the base postures. Teacher: Tony

Yoga Etiquette

Welcome Yoga Students:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class, remove shoes prior to entering.

Turn off your cell phone or leave it in the car.

Please enter quietly and respectfully.
Allow yourself the opportunity to begin to relax and go within by sitting quietly on your mat
while waiting for class to begin.

If you arrive late, please be respective to those around you who have already begun their practice.

Please notify your teacher if you have any health conditions/concerns.

Honor your body and enjoy your practice!

Class Prices
$14.00 drop in fee
60 Minute
Class Cards
4 class $ 48.00
6 class $ 72.00
10 class $120.00
Class Cards are non-refunable, non-transferable & non-shareable.

Classes are available year-round. Be sure to check out our monthly schedules.
Class Fees and Workshops are payable by either cash or check made payable to The Yoga Loft. Sorry … no credit cards.
To maintain the integrity of a series, there are no make-up classes or credits offered for missed classes.