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Gentle/Beginner Class If you have not taken a yoga class, have little experience with yoga or simply want to enjoy a gentle practice, this class is perfect for you. One hour class includes yogic breathing, meditation, asanas (yoga postures) and relaxation. Teacher: Dee

Rasa Yoga Flow
Rasa in Sanskrit means the juice of nectar! In this class you will weave together asana (poses), mantra (singing) mudra (hand gestures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation, along with a deep reverence for nature. Teacher: Kathleen

Slow Flow By moving in a very slow continuous movement you build strength, metabolism and flexibility. The emphasis on slowly transitioning between poses, linked with the breathe trains the mind to be present, taking your awareness deeper. A familiarity with yoga poses will make the class more beneficial to you. Teacher: Avita

Strength and Balance Bring strength & balance to both your body and your mind in this class. Starting off slowly and building towards positions that help build strength, focus and balance. And then winding down with a restorative savasana. This class runs from 60 to 75 minutes and if you're looking to building on your practice this is a great way to start. Teacher: Monica

Vinyasa Flow A peaceful, yet vigorous, vinyasa yoga practice that focuses on flowing through basic poses, maintaining them with proper alignment, moving with the breath and finding stillness int he postures. A traditional Hatha yoga class combined with elements of Zen Buddhism. All levels welcome. Teacher: Tony

Revitalize and Restore with Reiki In this class we will work on finding our balance and stability while warming up and stretching our muscles. We will spend the second part of the class restoring our minds and bodies in relaxing, therapeutic poses that will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, facilitating peace and stillness. Each class will end with the healing art of Reiki. Beginner friendly and all levels are welcome. Teacher –Elena

Evening Flow This class is designed to move your body, burn off stress and excess energy from the day and help you enjoy the quiet stillness as you prepare for your evening. The class will end with a short Reiki healing. All levels of practice are welcome-Teacher- Elena

Journey Through Asanas (postures) & Breath Work (pranayama) In this Hatha Yoga class, we will focus on our breath and how we use our bodies as we enter into each asana (posture). With proper alignment and Yogic breath, we will generate core strength, stretching, flexibility, and balance of body and mind. The use of Dirgha (Complete Breath), Ujjayi (Ocean Breath), and Kapalabhati (Shining Skull Breath) as we enter and hold each asana (posture), has the benefit of calming the body and relaxing the mind, followed by guided meditation (dyana), and final relaxation (savasana). This class offers a great way to center and ground each student, while honoring and moving your body, and is open to all levels. Teacher: Michele

Mixed Level This class connects your breath to your movement, opening your mind, body and spirit to the flow of grace. You can expect sun salutations to warm up the large muscle groups to increase strength and flexibility. Expect to be challenged yet nurtured while discovering your unique edge. This class will teach proper alignment to keep you safe in your body while working the areas each pose is intended to work. Seeking perfection leads to suffering and disappointment, embrace your imperfections as you flow with your unique breath to express your true self. Open to all levels, modifications will be offered- Teacher: Michele

Yoga Etiquette

Welcome Yoga Students:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class, remove shoes prior to entering.

Turn off your cell phone or leave it in the car.

Please enter quietly and respectfully.
Allow yourself the opportunity to begin to relax and go within by sitting quietly on your mat
while waiting for class to begin.

If you arrive late, please be respective to those around you who have already begun their practice.

Please notify your teacher if you have any health conditions/concerns.

Honor your body and enjoy your practice!

Class Prices
$14.00 drop in fee
60 Minute
Class Cards
4 class $ 48.00
6 class $ 72.00
10 class $120.00
Class Cards are non-refunable, non-transferable & non-shareable.

Classes are available year-round. Be sure to check out our monthly schedules.
Class Fees and Workshops are payable by either cash or check made payable to The Yoga Loft. Sorry … no credit cards.
To maintain the integrity of a series, there are no make-up classes or credits offered for missed classes.

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